10. Mai 2020

+++ AYREON - Valley Of The Queens +++ Acoustic Cover by Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella

Here it is, our new acoustic cover video of Ayreons "Valley Of The Queens". Valley Of The Queens is a beautiful ballad of Arjen Anthony Lucassens masterpiece "Into The Electric Castle". It was originally sung by Anneke van Giesbergen. We already recorded our version back in 2018 for our "Pieces To Remember" album and we always wanted to create a music video for our cover.


Next Streaming Concert -- May 2nd, 9pm

20. April 2020

Ihr lieben, wir sind überwältigt von der positiven Resonanz zu unserm Livestream am 17.04.2020. Dafür nochmal unseren allerbesten Dank an Euch! Am 02. Mai um 21 Uhr werden wir das Ganze wiederholen.


Live From The Living Room - Streaming Concert am 17.04.2020 um 20.00 Uhr

15. April 2020

Am Freitag den 17.04.2020 geben wir unser 2. Streaming Konzert, dieses Mal auf YouTube. Mit dabei ist Simon Schröder an den Percussion. Wir spielen Euch ein ca. 2-stündiges Set mit eigenen Songs sowie Coverversionen.



+++ New Song "In Dieser Zeit" on YouTube and Bandcamp +++

10. April 2020

We try to be creative in these times and we asked our fans to send us videos of themselves during the corona crisis. We are so overwhelmed, because many people from all over the world sent us short and funny videos. So we are very proud to present you our new song "In Dieser Zeit" with a very cool music video, made by our dear friend Marc Philip Ginolas.