10. Mai 2020

+++ AYREON - Valley Of The Queens +++ Acoustic Cover by Melanie Mau & Martin Schnella

Here it is, our new acoustic cover video of Ayreons "Valley Of The Queens". Valley Of The Queens is a beautiful ballad of Arjen Anthony Lucassens masterpiece "Into The Electric Castle". It was originally sung by Anneke van Giesbergen. We already recorded our version back in 2018 for our "Pieces To Remember" album and we always wanted to create a music video for our cover. But we never had a perfect idea for the visuals. During the Covid-19 pandemic we thought about doing a video, just the two of us. We had an idea for Valley Of The Queens, but our dear friend and video guy Marc Philip Ginolas came up with something completly different.

Shooting the video was really easy. A big thank-you goes to Sascha Storz for allowing us to shoot in his rooms. In our opinion Marc did one of his best works here. The visuals are so beautiful.

Of cause we really hope you like our slightly different version of this beautiful song. Melanie made it to her own unique version, Jens Kommnick added the celtic vibe with his Low Whistle and Uilleann Pipes. Martin decided to rearrange the acoustic guitar and created an own harmony vocal-lines for it.

So feel free to share and comment! Stay healthy and take care!

Melanie & Martin